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Great News for New Yorkers with Hearing Loss

Mar 27 2017

The New York City Council passed an important bill supporting access to public spaces for people with hearing loss.

Intro 882-A, sponsored by Council Member Helen Rosenthal of Manhattan, provides for the installation of hearing loops in City-funded capital projects with an estimated construction cost of $950,000 or more. This includes new construction and renovation, and means that close to 300 projects will be looped across New York City, according to City Council Member Rosenthal’s press release.

Hearing Loss: No More Suffering in Silence?

Mar 1 2017

Hearing loss is a widespread problem that has been associated with depression, isolation, and possibly, dementia. Age-related hearing loss has long been thought of as an inevitable part of getting older, more a nuisance than a life-altering medical condition—at least by those not experiencing it. But that’s all changing.

This recent Consumer Reports article discusses affordable solutions and what’s being done to give everyone access to treatment.