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The Hear-Ring Lab, Hofstra University is Conducting a Study to Evaluate the Sources of Tinnitus Information

Nov 13 2017

Approximately one in every ten Americans will experience some form of tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, which occurs when you perceive sounds without sounds being present in the environment. For those affected with tinnitus, assistance for treatment may be sought.

The Hear-Ring Lab in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, Hofstra University is conducting a study to evaluate the sources of information sought by individuals with tinnitus.

Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive?

Oct 20 2017

Experts don’t know exactly why hearing aids are still so costly, except that companies continue to invest in improvements, and fees usually cover the services of a highly trained audiologist.

Hidden hearing loss: Loud noises are more dangerous previously thought

Sep 20 2017

By Malcolm Ritter
Associated Press

Matt Garlock has trouble making out what his friends say in loud bars, but when he got a hearing test, the result was normal. Recent research may have found an explanation for problems like his, something called "hidden hearing loss."