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May / June 2018

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Message from the Executive Director
When Mr. Fixit Can’t Fix It
By Barbara Kelley

There’s Nothin’ “Minne” About Minneapolis
By Niaz Siasi
It’s showtime! Are you ready?

How the Tech Industry is Making Life More Audible—and Accessible—for Americans
By Gary Shapiro
Consumer Technology Association president and CEO—and HLAA2018 keynote speaker—Gary Shapiro tells us how consumer technology can be lifechanging for people with hearing loss.

From Black and White to Technicolor
By Thomas Kaufmann
Making music more accessible to people with hearing loss.

The Walk4Hearing is Serious Fun for Alliance Ear Community
By Melissa Tumblin
With a mix of hard work and fun Ear Community is making a serious impact as a Walk4Hearing Alliance.

A Psychological Tool for Managing Tinnitus
By Michael A. Harvey
Would you be willing to come up with a better story to have a more fulfilling life?

Coping with Hearing Loss and the Challenges of Hearing Aids
By Carl N. Rentschler
There is no perfect remedy to overcoming hearing loss, but there are steps you can take and strategies you can use to better cope with it.

One Less Fly
By David Seligman
There is one less fly in Madison, Wisconsin thanks in part to the hard work of the author’s hearing aids.

Message from the Chairperson of the Board
A Word to Our Veterans
By Don Doherty

Last Call for N-CHATT!
By Lise Hamlin

HLAA Increases Public Awareness with Connected TV
By Nancy Macklin

New Workshop Opportunity for HLAA Chapters
By Mark Mays

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