State Organizations

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State Organizations

HLAA State organizations remain key partners with the national organization as the Statement of Strategic Intent describes. HLAA is committed to supporting state organizations as they support people with hearing loss in their states and extend the reach and visibility of the Hearing Loss Association of America.

There are two types of HLAA statewide organizations: offices and associations. Both structures exist to work on issues that affect members in their states such as legislation, policies, programs, and communication access, to name a few. Both also work closely with the HLAA Chapter Coordinator(s) in their state to support existing chapter leaders and help encourage new chapters to form.

HLAA State Offices

State offices are staffed by a single volunteer (director) who is an HLAA member willing and able to serve fellow HLAA members and chapters within their state. HLAA’s headquarters staff appoints the director after getting input from chapter leaders and members in the state. The director’s term of office is indefinite though HLAA recommends it be no more than seven to ten years.

State Associations

State associations have bylaws, are incorporated in their state and operate by elected boards of trustees, similar to HLAA National. Each chapter within the state has representation on the board of the state association. Every HLAA member in the state is automatically a state association member.

HLAA supports state organization leaders through:

Many of the functions described for chapters in this section of the website apply also to state organizations. HLAA encourages you to explore the sections to learn more about governance, finances, publicity, outreach, leader training and awards.

Thank you, HLAA State Association leaders and State Office Directors!