Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids

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Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids

You can order either the 2017 ($12) or the 2018 ($18) both which include shipping to U.S. residents only, by calling us at: 301.657.2248 or download an Order Form and mail to address noted on form.

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The 32-page Consumer’s Guide color booklet illustrates the different styles of hearing aids and shows comparisons of different models and features. Also displays a Pyramid of Technology image showing ranges of hearing aid pricing.

  • Explains digital hearing aid technology and compares the differences
  • Why Fit & Go models delight wearers
  • How custom hearing aids are made today
  • Hearing aid shell styles
  • Reasons you hear better with two ears
  • Invisible hearing aid comparisons
  • Hearing aid battery basics
  • Explains what you should expect from your hearing aids
  • Provides a glossary and definitions so you understand hearing aid terminology
  • A must-have before you buy your next pair of hearing aids