A Collection of Memories

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A Collection of Memories

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Howard E. “Rocky” Stone

Self Help for Hard of Hearing People / Hearing Loss Association of America®
November 1979

The present cannot exist without the past; without them both, there is no future.¹

photo of Rocky StoneIn fall 2007, Anne Pope, then president of the HLAA National Board of Trustees, appointed a committee to identify ways to preserve the memory of SHHH/HLAA’s founder, Rocky Stone. One project pursued by the committee has been to collect written memories of Rocky. For many, meeting Rocky and/or simply experiencing the vision, passion and wisdom upon which he founded SHHH, brought freedom from self-doubt, loneliness and even despair.

On this site you will read many stories of how Rocky touched lives through his compassion, his genuine love and concern for the heart of each individual he came in contact with, and his endearing sense of humor. With his loving wife Ahme and his adult children, Ted, Jolie, Michael and Melanie by his side, Rocky created a home – a community – for the hearts of people with hearing loss.

We are part of his legacy no matter what our degree of involvement is in the organization. We both share in and are creating the past and we are a part of the present. Our stories are the vital link to the uncharted territory of the future. They honor Rocky and are a tribute to a man who used his talents and resources to improve the “human condition” for people with hearing loss.

Throughout the memories the acronyms SHHH and HLAA are used and sometimes in combination – SHHH/HLAA. This denotes the name of the organization – Self Help for Hard of Hearing People - from 1979-2006, and the name change in March 2006 to the Hearing Loss Association of America®. It does not indicate a preference for one name over the other.

The members of the Rocky Stone Remembrance Committee are:

  • Deb Charlea Baker – Vermont, current board member;
  • Jerry Hohnbaum – Nebraska, former board member;
  • Joan Kleinrock – Maryland, former board member and former Chapter Development Director at National;
  • Ann Liming – Michigan, former board member and chair of the RS Remembrance Committee;
  • Vic Matsui – Virginia, current board member; and
  • Tommie Wells – Texas, a board member when the committee formed, now a former board member.

While not a committee member, Hollace Goodman, New York, assisted with photos and provided the final editing and formatting of the memories.

¹Gaither, Gloria, From Generation to Generation…, Homecoming Magazine, V7 (5), pg 28.