Chapter Coordinators

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Chapter Coordinators

Chapter Coordinators provide a crucial link between HLAA’s headquarters and our chapters. They foster growth among current chapters and their state association or state office and help start new chapters. Coordinators forge strong ties with leaders and show them how the HLAA national organization supports and benefits their organizations. If you are a current coordinator, please become thoroughly familiar with all of the material posted in this Leader Support section. Coordinators carry out the HLAA mission as they work with HLAA’s headquarter staff and the HLAA organizations in their state.

Coordinators, just like chapter and state organization leaders, are volunteers and HLAA members. HLAA headquarters staff appoints them after getting input from HLAA State organizations and Chapters in their area. The position entails a time commitment averaging one to 15 hours per week. Critical components for coordinators’ effective performance include easy computer access and Internet savvy, strong communication skills, HLAA membership, previous or current leadership of an HLAA State organization or Chapter, the ability to forge strong alliances, and the willingness and availability to travel. Learn more by reading the Chapter Coordinator Guidelines.

Coordinators report the activities of their chapters twice annually to HLAA’s headquarters staff and serve an average of two to ten years in the position. Large states geographically or by population often have two or more coordinators who each handle a designated section of the state.

Coordinators also project the professional image of the organization in all communications particularly via email and in person. Review the information in the Publicity section for details.

HLAA supports coordinators through:

  • the HLAA Official Leaders listserv
  • the HLAA State Leaders listserv
  • the HLAA State and Chapter Development blog
  • exclusive webinars on popular topics such as conflict resolution, federal income tax exemption (501(c) (3) also known as “group exemption”), etc.
  • discounted HLAA Convention registration fee (delegate rate)
  • lists and/or mailing labels of current HLAA members within the state
  • consultation with the HLAA National State and Chapter Coordinator by phone (301.657.2248) or email
  • reimbursement of up to $750 for HLAA-related expenses including mileage for HLAA-related expenses including mileage (Coordinators may choose instead to deduct expenses as charitable contributions to HLAA on their income tax returns. HLAA reimburses for mileage based on the current IRS business rate.)

HLAA is recruiting coordinators. We have a more detailed description of the scope of work of a coordinator than appears here. Please contact HLAA if you are interested in serving in this capacity. HLAA is pleased to support coordinators as they increase the organization’s reach and visibility nationwide.

Thank you, HLAA Chapter Coordinators!