CDC Resources for Disaster Recovery Efforts

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CDC Resources for Disaster Recovery Efforts

Fri, 09/01/2017

Because many of you work with personnel who directly interact with residents, or with personnel who help in recovery efforts, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is sharing a few documents that can be directly shared with affected people and recovery workers. These documents will help people avoid illness and injury from mold, improper use of generators, and other post-storm hazards:

Please see the following links for information on how to stay safe after a hurricane:

Returning Home

Stay Safe & Healthy After the Storms

Protecting Your Loved Ones

CDC also advises workers and volunteers to read the CDC website on worker safety following storms and floods: This page provides additional links that inform workers on how to protect against many different types of hazards that might occur following a hurricane.

Many of you serve clients who speak Spanish. Please see the links below for Spanish-language hurricane communication resources:

En Español


Huracanes y otras tormentas tropicales:

Hurricanes and Other Tropical Storms:

Antes de un huracán:

Before a Hurricane:

Durante un huracán:

During a Hurricane:

Después de un huracán:

After a Hurricane:

Asegúrese de que los alimentos y el agua se puedan consumir sin correr riesgo:

Keep Food and Water Safe After a Disaster or Emergency:

Manténgase a salvo después de un huracán:

Be Safe After a Hurricane:

Limpie su casa:

Clean Up Your Home:

Más recursos para las familias:

More Resources for Families:

Información para profesionales y trabajadores de respuesta a emergencias:

Information for Professionals and Response Workers:

Información de seguridad para trabajadores de respuesta a emergencias y de limpieza:

Safety Information for Response and Cleanup Workers:

Información de seguridad para los profesionales de la salud:

Safety Information for Health Care Professionals:

Anuncios de servicio público (PSA):

Public Service Announcements (PSAs):