Autonomous For All Of Us: Challenge for #AccessibleOlli

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Autonomous For All Of Us: Challenge for #AccessibleOlli

Mon, 07/31/2017

LM Labs just posted a new project that you might be interested in!

At CES 2017, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Foundation, IBM and Local Motors launched an initiative to make Olli, Local Motors’ autonomous cognitive bus, the world’s most accessible transportation vehicle, #AccessibleOlli. Over the past few months, we have held several workshops, hackathons and other outreach events to develop a better understanding of the transportation requirements for people of all ages and abilities.

Now it is time to take the next step - a call to action to join the #AccessibleOlli Challenge: Autonomous for All of Us. We need YOU to join the action. Give us your ideas to take Olli to the next level. You might be a technology company, industrial designer, fabricator, software developer or engineer. Or you might be a city planner, transit authority professional or public transportation rider that has an awe-inspiring idea to make Olli more accessible. So think small things, think big things, just make sure to think these things out loud in our Challenge. Olli is on the drawing board. Your input will help improve the rider experience, making it accessible for all.

Going beyond ramps and rails, we want to really push the envelope of what it means to be accessible for all by utilizing the latest AI innovations and IoT technologies together with deeper integration with IBM Watson. We are not content just to meet accessible compliance standards; rather our goal is to create the most accessible, personalized transportation experience while changing the way that people interact with mobility.

With 15 prizes awarded in 5 categories, each focusing on different areas of accessibility, there is plenty of room to go deep with your ideas, showcase your innovative solutions and win big!

So let’s get creating and make #AccessibleOlli Autonomous For All Of Us!