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Additional Resources

Need to find new topics for your organization’s meetings? Want to add interactive activities to the meetings? The materials listed here may be just what you are looking for or may spark new ideas for the organization you help lead.

Most of the materials below have been donated to HLAA by and for State organization and Chapter leaders and members. These resources include program materials in PDF or PowerPoint format and other program materials suitable for HLAA State organization and Chapter meetings and outreach events.

Most of the materials can be used without modification. Some may require you to make changes to customize them for your area or situation. If you make changes to the documents, please leave in any credits to the original author.

What materials might you or the organization have that could be shared with other HLAA organizations through this page? Please submit such documents to HLAA. Please make the material directly usable by other people; for example, eliminate information that may be valid for your area only. You must obtain and include permission from the original author if your program material contains copyrighted material or was adapted primarily from a copyrighted source, prior to sending it to HLAA.

Please note that the authors created most of these materials before HLAA implemented the Logo Use Guidelines.