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HLAA Celebrates 36-Year Anniversary

Nov 27 2015

HLAA Celebrates its 36th Anniversary Today

On November 27, 1979, Rocky Stone, founded this organization as Self Help for Hard of Hearing People. A retired CIA agent with a hearing loss, Rocky realized there were many others like himself who were "between two worlds," not fully hearing but not deaf.

Veteran Plays Piano Despite Suicide Bomber Attack

Nov 17 2015

Veteran Plays Piano Despite Suicide Bomber Attack

HLAA Members Nancy Williams from New York and Mark Brogan from Tennessee come together to tell Captain Brogan's compelling story of hearing loss and playing the piano.

HLAA Has Worked Long and Hard to Ensure Greater Access to Wireless Phones

Nov 4 2015

HLAA has long worked with industry and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the issue of Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) phones. When mobile technology moved from analog to digital in the 1990s, it created a huge barrier for people with hearing loss in that suddenly people with hearing loss who could use wireless handsets were faced with interference when they held the phone to their ear.